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GOD. I am an Evangelical Christian and am active in the Youth, Music, and Dgroup ministries of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) in Malolos.

SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. Hence, the blog. I am also taking up Electronics and Communication Engineering and am now in my fifth and last year. In the future, I see myself as a successful engineer working in a global company, or maybe building my own.

BASKETBALL. I am a HUGE basketball aficionado and a fan of Lebron James (as evidenced by my “King James” baller band I wear most of the time). I also play quite decently and I do so a few days a week (whenever I get the chance).

MUSIC. I play a variety of string instruments – acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin. Favorite music genres include alternative and rock.

FOOD. I love all kinds of food. Special mentions include noodles, street foods, pizza, and seafood. However, any type of food will catch my interest. I’m not very fond of sweets, though.

MOVIES. I usually watch movies to pass time, when I don’t have anything better to do and when I just want to relax. Preferred genres include action, adventure, and comedy.

ASTRONOMY. Who wouldn’t be awed with the great mystery that is the universe?

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